Allergy Clinic

Many people experience allergies without even being aware of them. Most allergies are img-allergyrelated to pollen or mold spores. Other causes include various foods and environmental agents such as pollution. Regardless of the cause, allergies lead to a decreased quality of life.

Allergy Testing

Located in Wichita Falls, Texas, the Kell West Allergy Clinic is well-equipped with everything it takes to diagnose and treat your allergies.

If over-the-counter allergy medicines don’t seem to afford any relief, come in to the Kell West Allergy Clinic for an allergy test. Allergy Testing helps to uncover any and all allergens to which your body reacts negatively.

Please call (940-689-2342) our allergy nurse consultant, Mary Gambuti, RN, BSN, with questions about allergy testing.